Crazy Marble 2



•50 levels of 3d marble rolling madness!

•6 game types

•4 different power-ups: speed, fly, jump and stop

•7 marbles to unlock or discover

•4 upgradeable marble attributes

•Many hazards including ice, mud, moving bumpers, collapsing floors, and more

•Physics system that includes pushable blocks and balls

•Physics objects and traps such as pistons, spinners and moving platforms

•Load and Save Feature

•Included Level Editor

($9.99 for the full version)

204.4 MB


Available for Windows PCs

Copyright 2007 Head Buzz Games LLC, All Rights Reserved.

System Requirements

•Windows 98 SE / ME / 2000 / XP

•Pentium 3 processor 733 mhz or equivalent

•256 MB RAM

•3D video card (32+ MB)

•DirectX-compatible sound card

•DirectX 9c or above

•250 MB hard drive space












(Free 5 level demo version)